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Prepress & Editorial Services
Project Planning/Scheduling


Cast Off


Primary Copy Editing


Typesetting (InDesign & QuarkExpress, Adobe FrameMaker , Tex/LaTeX, MS Word Suite, Antenna House Formatter) 


Plain text (social science, law, novels, trade books)

Complex tables (finance, marketing, directory and economics)


Quality Color Illustrations for medical books or journals, atlas, comics and children books


Indexing (capture the essence of the topics/selection using keywords or style guidelines)


Template creation & Workflow Optimization



Support Services


PitStop Proffesional Client as Server

Callas Software

MS Office Package

Round the clock up broadband


Dedicated FTP server

Server client architecture

Quality Management System

Software Development Project Based


  Data Capture

Conversion & Digitization


Data capture & digital imaging of document, books, newspapers, large format drawing, including full text data capture


Images digitization & conversion


Manual Data Entry


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Data Analysis and DTD/XML schema


SGML/XML consulting services


XSLT/XSL-FO Development


Scanning & Graphics Manipulations


Format conversion of data from any format to XML, including coding and tagging


Re-keying to 99,997% accuracy


  Artwork and Web Design


Re-drawing all types of geographic, medical, science, comics and children books illustration


Image tagging/structuring - raster and vector based image


Conversion from/to various formats

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De Boeck

Groupe Larcier

YOYO Books

Proost International

Thieme Medical Publishers


Wissen Media Verlag

Springer Healthcare

Hearst /Motor

Hearst Corporation

goReader Inc

Cornell University

Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Group

Nelson Thornes






Edition Breal


Wolters Nordhoff /Kluwer


Infinitas Learning

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